Hi, I’m Sam and thanks for visiting my site! I’m a Politics Reporter in Palm Springs, CA covering 2018 midterms and writing about regional political developments across cities in the Coachella Valley. Before, I was a Fulbright Scholar working and doing research in West African migrant communities outside of Tangier, the largest city near the border between Europe and Africa. I freelanced for Vice, The New Republic, LA Review of Books and Quartz, among other places. Once, I was cited in The New York Times. Previously, I worked both at The Nation magazine and as a field consultant for IOM.

I occasionally write dispatches via tinyletter, which you can subscribe to here.

You can argue with me on Twitter here.

You can email me tips or complaints at samuelametz[at]gmail[dot]com.

PGP Fingerprint: 3562 AFF3 4168 7D4C DB84 6987 0A24 3FB5 2AD0 2BE0

Also, I’m not Dr. Samuel Metz who focuses on healthcare, so sorry if that’s who you were looking for!

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