Hi, I’m Sam and thanks for visiting my site! I’m a Politics Reporter in Palm Springs, CA covering the 2020 election and writing about regional political developments in inland California. Before, I was a Fulbright Scholar working and doing research in West African migrant communities outside of Tangier, the largest city near the border between Europe and Africa. I freelanced for Vice, The New Republic, LA Review of Books and Quartz, among other places. My work has been cited in The New York Times, Politico, Vox, NPR, the LA Times and elsewhere. In 2018, I was a finalist for an IRE Division IV Award for investigative journalism. Previously, I worked both at The Nation magazine and as a field consultant for IOM.

I occasionally write dispatches via tinyletter, which you can subscribe to here.

You can argue with me on Twitter here.

You can email me tips or complaints at samuelametz[at]gmail[dot]com.

PGP Fingerprint: 3562 AFF3 4168 7D4C DB84 6987 0A24 3FB5 2AD0 2BE0

Also, I’m not Dr. Samuel Metz who focuses on healthcare, so sorry if that’s who you were looking for!

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