Copycat Legislation: think tank-written ‘Right to Try’ legislation passes through 41 statehouses

From 2013 to 2017, the policy thinktank named after conservative icon and five-term Senator Barry Goldwater sponsored “Right to Try” bills in statehouses throughout the country, including bills in California.

And after 41 state legislatures passed “Right to Try” bills, Congress passed its own in 2018.

The Desert Sun identified “Right to Try” legislation as part of a USA TODAY analysis that matched language in “model legislation” against bills introduced in all 50 states and Congress.

The analysis of nearly 1 million bills introduced between 2010 and 2018 identified bills authored by corporations, interest groups and lobbyists. “Copycat legislation” has become commonplace in legislatures throughout the country; more than 10,000 bills were copied and pasted almost entirely, and more than 2,100 of those were passed and signed into law. – The Desert Sun / USA TODAY

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