Chad Bianco elected in heated Riverside County Sheriff’s race

In January, there will be a new sheriff in town.

With 100 percent of Riverside County precincts reporting, Lt. Chad Bianco defeated 11-year incumbent Sheriff Stan Sniff in a heated intra-agency struggle for control of the county’s expansive law enforcement agency.

The ambiance was akin to a tailgate. Supporters of the incoming sheriff wore Bianco t-shirts, collared shirts and trucker hats, drinking beers and eating tacos while a classic rock soundtrack blared on the speakers in the airplane hangar where the party took place. Partygoers said Bianco’s candidacy had engaged them in politics like never before.

Bianco’s 2018 bid enjoyed hefty financial backing from police unions including the Riverside Sheriffs Association, which funneled more than $850,000 into his campaign coffers.–Desert Sun (other election night stories about Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Propositions)

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